Home Cleaning


Still occupying your home, but need it cleaned? No problem. Gulf Breeze Cleaning, LLC offers a home cleaning service for occupied residences. Our employees strive to clean to the highest standards in the industry. Additionally, we will listen to you and do our best to develop a program that fits your needs and desires.


Because we charge by the hour, we do not bind our cleaning technicians to a preplanned cleaning package, but instead, will work to meet the needs and desires specific to you and your circumstances. For example, if you decide to purchase 3 hours of cleaning, we can provide a list of priority cleaning tasks for our technicians (such as bathrooms first, kitchen second, vacuum third, etc.), or you can provide the priorities. Our cleaning technicians will work down the list of tasks until the cleaning time being purchased is reached. 

Additionally, we can set up a cleaning frequency program that fits your budget and needs (weekly, monthly, etc.). We don’t offer a dollar discount for frequency. However, cost savings can be attained by frequent cleanings because a home that is cleaned frequently may result in lower necessary cleaning times. 

You deserve to relax and let someone else take on the dirty work. So, whether you want a one-time cleaning or to be put on a cleaning program, give us a call to discuss your options. 

We also offer electrostatic sanitizing services which are sold as a separate service. Please call us at 228-731-1368 if you have any questions.