Move-In Move-Out Cleaning

Do you need the residence or office you are moving out of, or moving into, cleaned?

Perhaps you’ve purchased a new residence and want a good cleaning before you move in.

We at Gulf Breeze Cleaning, LLC know how exciting, and how busy, moving to another place can be, so we are here to help make the transition smoother and less hectic by providing a “Move-In Move-Out” cleaning service. This service includes a deeper clean than a general clean. For example, it includes cleaning the inside of the oven and refrigerator.

We also realize that a complete cleaning may not be what you need or desire. Often, an individual may be willing to clean certain areas, such as the floors or windows, but would prefer not to clean other areas, such as the kitchen or bathrooms. If that’s the case, we can do a partial cleaning. Regardless of the scope of service desired, we at Gulf Breeze Cleaning, LLC will strive to meet your needs and desires. 

To be classified as a Move-In Move-Out cleaning, the premises should be unoccupied and have no furniture inside. The cleaning will be performed on the inside of the premises only. Also, even though we may use extension poles and stepping stools to clean difficult-to-reach places, we may still not be able to reach all areas inside your home. Please let us know before starting the project whether there are difficult-to-reach places with which you are concerned.

The Move-In Move-Out service does not include carpet cleaning or floor stripping and waxing. 

We also offer an electrostatic sanitizing service which is sold as a separate service.